“Music sucks these days”

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

One thing I hear way more than I ever wanted to hear is ” Music sucks these days”.  More than often this statement comes from older generations.  What they fail to understand is that just like fashion styles and trends, this is today’s generation music.  Music will expand to new highs later today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.  The music that a generation grows up around tends to be the style they like.  Now I am a rock guy and listen to new age rock, but I still am a fan of older generation rock too.  That style is what today’s rock is emerged from and still has its place in it, and this is why I find people in older generations liking their generations music and the past generation, but not like new age for it is more expanded.  For an example, one huge part of the current generation is sampling.  Just like the rock scene it is expanded to new heights.  It is taking older music and creating it into something new.  So for folks who think today’s music “sucks”, then just realize that the generation before you thought the same when they heard your generations music.

  1. christeevans says:

    Yeah who do those people think they are they should know music always generates into something new each year and thats what revolutionizes music so if they want to stay to their old generation kind of music than they stay with it and not bitch about the new kind of music

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