Killer Kick snd Snare Drum!!

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been recently using a new technique to make my kick and snare sound amazing.  I use the handy Pro Tools 9 so this is what I will be referring to but lots of other DAW do the same thing just a different way.  The process is called side chaining.  I will start with the kick drum.  On a mono audio track  will have just the kick recorded to.  From there I will create mono send through a bus to a mono aux track.  On the first insert I put a signal generator set at 60 to 65 hz.  I will then temporally mute the aux track so I don’t get annoyed by the signal generator.  On the second aux insert I put a gate.  Now I use the Digidesign gate, but you can use anyone as long as it has the ability to be side linked.  On the gate there is a key and next to the key is a pull down menu and you will select the mono bus you sent from your kick.  Then by un-muting and pressing play you can adjust the threshold and every time the kick hits the signal generator will play and you will have a fuller kick.  For my snare I do the same process only on the signal generator I use white noise and it gives the snare that “Nine Inch Nails” snare sound.  This process can also be used for pitch shifter to have audio go in and out of tune.  Give it a try and let me know how it worked.  Also comment on how you used it.


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