“Riptide” By Sick Puppies

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today I just want to talk about a song that has been being played on my car stereo a lot and stuck in my head.  The song “Riptide”  from our friends in Sick Puppies has been get quite a bit of radio time.  I have only seen the Sick Puppies in concert once and that was when they were on tour for their “Dressed Up As Life” release.  I instantly fell in love with their music.  It sound great and was easy to relate with.  But now I want to talk about this new single off their new album Tri-Polar.  This song is peaked at 4 in Main Stream rock, 16 in Alternative rock and 10 in Rock.  The song “Riptide”  is one of the bands new album style.  What I take from the song is I know I am fucked up but let me be.  The Australian band pulled it off again.

If you like this song check out some others by them:



You’re Going Down

Odd One

Dressed Up As Life

All the Same

My World



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