Water Ski time!!

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

For all of those who like me have that one thought on their mind when the sun is shinning and the temperature is finally looking for the better.  I am talking about grabbing your ski gear and hitting the water.  For me I am looking forward to the ski club season.  Being a member of the Hartwick Huskys I will spend most of my summer on the water performing.  The Huskey’s have gone through a thought time in the last year.  Located on Lake Delhi Iowa we depend on the river to practice and perform our shows.  With the floods of 2010 the Lake Delhi Dam failed  and what was a lake is now a creak.  A docks, Shorestations, boats and few houses were swept away (will show some pictures below).  All this damaged and no lake gave the ski club two options.  One no more ski club or find a new home.  Throughout the winter of 2010 the high members of the club search and found a place in Manchester, Iowa right off of highway 20.  We our proud to be able to ski this year and if you live near by come check us out.  Have a happy ski season!!!

Broken Dam

Hartwick Marina



House Lost


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