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Brief Bio of Me

Posted: April 15, 2011 in About Me

        Growing up in Hopkinton Iowa a town of approximately 300 people, in-tales a lot things that would differ from where I am now in Minneapolis. Living in the country I part took in things like riding 4 wheelers, go carts and hunting from a young age. My family also had livestock which I was forced into helping raise. From a young age then I was driving farm machinery and my dads diesel truck throughout are land and on the gravel roads. Yes, in Iowa there are roads that are made of just gravel and normally have no law officials. I went to Maquoketa Valley High school with a graduating class of 64. I graduated a semester early and worked full-time on my dads construction crew. I also was part of a water ski team called Hartwick Huskys. Through working, ski team and causing hell I had a love for music. I was in a small punk band at the beginning of my high school career, but didn’t last long. Most of my friends like music to the point of listening and that’s it. My senior prom me and a few of my class mates (that had talent in playing an instrument) played a surprise preformed our class song “Nothing But A Good Time” by Poison live, and then about got kicked out for playing “Scotty Doesn’t Know after” by Lustra. It’s not the song that got us in trouble, it was the fact that we were to play only one song. But when your class is yelling for another one and your about to graduate you really do give a rats ass what the teachers say. In August of 2010 I came to the charming city of Minneapolis where I am attending the Institute of Production and Recording. This is where my trail ends and I hope to make many more memorable time in the future.