Apple Announces icloud

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Recently Apple has announced they are coming out with a program called icloud.  It will take your online purchases and make them be able to stream for anywhere with internet connection.  I seems that Apple already has the Major record labels signed up for this.  They also bought a domain name for this in april for $4.5 million.  This looks like it is going to turn out to be and act a lot like DropBox.  Apple says that Steve Jobs will be presenting this Keynote and speaking about their newest operating system Lion.


New Foo Fighters Album

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Recently I my eye has been drawn to the new Foo Fighters album “Wasting Light“.  Not only does this album offer hard rock guitars and great vocals, But many don’t know that this album was recorded all analog.  Meaning no computer, no Pro Tools just type.  Reading and article on this recording Dave Grohl was being very strict about keeping the album all analog.  When some one told him they should back it up onto a computer he flipped out.  Being and Recording Engineer I understand Dave’s why he wants so bad to keep this album in analog.  The price of type makes it hard for bands that are not good.  There is no Melodyne or Auto Tune.  The why they play on the album is their natural sound.

A group against violence on T.V says that Rihanna’s new music video ‘Man Down’ is ‘inexcusable’.   Really????   With all other violence on T.V and this is what they call ‘inexcusable’.  We all know about Rihanna’s incident with Chris Brown and she is probably pissed off with men and being and artist she turns her feelings into art.  This doesn’t mean she is going to go on a rampage and start shooting people down.  And as being to violent I disagree, but if parents want to hide reality from their children then good luck!

MTV speaks on this topic too -

Water Ski time!!

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For all of those who like me have that one thought on their mind when the sun is shinning and the temperature is finally looking for the better.  I am talking about grabbing your ski gear and hitting the water.  For me I am looking forward to the ski club season.  Being a member of the Hartwick Huskys I will spend most of my summer on the water performing.  The Huskey’s have gone through a thought time in the last year.  Located on Lake Delhi Iowa we depend on the river to practice and perform our shows.  With the floods of 2010 the Lake Delhi Dam failed  and what was a lake is now a creak.  A docks, Shorestations, boats and few houses were swept away (will show some pictures below).  All this damaged and no lake gave the ski club two options.  One no more ski club or find a new home.  Throughout the winter of 2010 the high members of the club search and found a place in Manchester, Iowa right off of highway 20.  We our proud to be able to ski this year and if you live near by come check us out.  Have a happy ski season!!!

Broken Dam

Hartwick Marina



House Lost

Today I just want to talk about a song that has been being played on my car stereo a lot and stuck in my head.  The song “Riptide”  from our friends in Sick Puppies has been get quite a bit of radio time.  I have only seen the Sick Puppies in concert once and that was when they were on tour for their “Dressed Up As Life” release.  I instantly fell in love with their music.  It sound great and was easy to relate with.  But now I want to talk about this new single off their new album Tri-Polar.  This song is peaked at 4 in Main Stream rock, 16 in Alternative rock and 10 in Rock.  The song “Riptide”  is one of the bands new album style.  What I take from the song is I know I am fucked up but let me be.  The Australian band pulled it off again.

If you like this song check out some others by them:



You’re Going Down

Odd One

Dressed Up As Life

All the Same

My World


I have been recently using a new technique to make my kick and snare sound amazing.  I use the handy Pro Tools 9 so this is what I will be referring to but lots of other DAW do the same thing just a different way.  The process is called side chaining.  I will start with the kick drum.  On a mono audio track  will have just the kick recorded to.  From there I will create mono send through a bus to a mono aux track.  On the first insert I put a signal generator set at 60 to 65 hz.  I will then temporally mute the aux track so I don’t get annoyed by the signal generator.  On the second aux insert I put a gate.  Now I use the Digidesign gate, but you can use anyone as long as it has the ability to be side linked.  On the gate there is a key and next to the key is a pull down menu and you will select the mono bus you sent from your kick.  Then by un-muting and pressing play you can adjust the threshold and every time the kick hits the signal generator will play and you will have a fuller kick.  For my snare I do the same process only on the signal generator I use white noise and it gives the snare that “Nine Inch Nails” snare sound.  This process can also be used for pitch shifter to have audio go in and out of tune.  Give it a try and let me know how it worked.  Also comment on how you used it.

“Music sucks these days”

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One thing I hear way more than I ever wanted to hear is ” Music sucks these days”.  More than often this statement comes from older generations.  What they fail to understand is that just like fashion styles and trends, this is today’s generation music.  Music will expand to new highs later today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.  The music that a generation grows up around tends to be the style they like.  Now I am a rock guy and listen to new age rock, but I still am a fan of older generation rock too.  That style is what today’s rock is emerged from and still has its place in it, and this is why I find people in older generations liking their generations music and the past generation, but not like new age for it is more expanded.  For an example, one huge part of the current generation is sampling.  Just like the rock scene it is expanded to new heights.  It is taking older music and creating it into something new.  So for folks who think today’s music “sucks”, then just realize that the generation before you thought the same when they heard your generations music.